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Diapositiva2323Behind the Scenes with Dmitry Medlov and the Crew

So, Cassandra (please forgive me if I’m spelling your name wrong) had a great suggestion during the radio segment tonight.  She wanted to go behind the scenes with the characters of the Medlov Crime Family Series to get a more indepth view of their thinking and their reaction to events that have happened around them or to them.  It got me to thinking about how we could do that.  After two minutes of brainstorming (lol.  I’m so thorough) I came up with a clever idea.  I’ll give readers of the blog one week to ask their questions and then we’ll go back and answer each of them (Okay, it’s me but I’ll be in character) about the scenes.

I don’t know if this has ever been done, but we’re doing it.

This is weird.  Role-playing in public is not my thing. …

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