You asked for it, and you got it.  To continue our awesome discussions on the Young Dmitry Medlov and all of its volumes, this blog has been created.  Hopefully, we can answer all the questions that you have about your favorite characters: Dmitry, Ivan and Davyd.  And you can get to know the back story on Arie aka Ari and Dorian.

However, as we move forward, you’ll also get to know a host of other entertaining characters including Elsa, Boss Smirnov, Khalid, Vladimir and so many more.

Just to keep you up to speed, here is the synopsis for each of the three available volumes. 

Volume 1:

There just isn’t enough time for Dmitry.

America’s favorite fictional crime boss, Dmitry Medlov, had a very macabre start to his larger-than-life existence. In the short story series, The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov, volume one explores the inner-struggles of a rogue teen and his rocky rise in the feared organized crime group, the Vory v Zakone, before he became a billionaire underworld Czar.

Accidentally released from prison at the age of 18, Dmitry Medlov has 48 hours to assassinate a Ukrainian drug lord and get both he and his brother, Ivan, on a plane to London, before the authorities realize that the teenage hit-man is on the loose.

With the clock ticking, he hikes back to Moscow through a snow storm to discover that life has gone on without him. When he left, he was a feared earner for his underboss, Kirill. But as he returns, he finds that many things have changed including the lives of the people he cared for the most.

Baby brother Ivan isn’t a little boy anymore, and he’s showing signs of being a heartless sociopath. Following in his big brother’s footsteps, this bad boy can’t be trusted around his two most favorite toys – automatic machine guns and hunting knives. Trying to keep Ivan in line proves to be an on-going nightmare for Dmitry as he realizes that his brother might eventually be the end of him.

And while love was never on the agenda for Dmitry, the woman he cared deeply for has recently gotten engaged to a common wife beater. When Dmitry finds out, there might be one murder in Moscow for free.

While most kids are learning how to drive and going off to college at his age, Dmitry Medlov is cutting his teeth on murder, sex and mayhem.

This coming of age story is not like any other. Understand why the Medlov men became global threats through their feared brotherhood in the twelve-volume series that will take you jet setting around the world.

Volume 2:

It has been one year since their escape from Moscow, and Dmitry and Ivan Medlov are struggling to keep their small organized crime family together in London. Used to a communist culture, the boys are exposed to the new opportunities of a capitalistic society while trying to compete for business in the gun-trafficking industry.

Ivan wants more recognition and girls. As his behavior becomes more erratic and his temper becomes more dangerous, the sixteen-year-old bad boy experiences firsthand what it is like to live in another person’s shadow.

Dmitry wants more knowledge and power. When he’s not reading, strategizing or selling illegal guns, he’s working towards bigger and better relationships to get the Medlov name in the right circles. And the perfect storm is brewing at his doorstep. His contact with The Free Right, a women’s rights group, needs a large shipment of guns for their clandestine operations. However, she is also interested in what the blonde assassin is like in bed.

Drawn in by his beauty and charm, Emma introduces him to the head of her organization on the eve that the USSR falls. Only, the head is also the billionaire business mogul, Lady Catherine Hutton. Now with more access to munitions and more opportunities to get rich, Dmitry has an awful decision to make which will lead him one step closer to losing his brother and one step closer to becoming the world’s most notorious underworld boss.

Read the second volume in the Medlov Crime Family short story series that tells the intimate story of how one man built an empire that became untouchable.

Volume 3:

No crime boss has ever been as brilliant, beautiful and deadly as young Dmitry Medlov, and this Red Fella proves his affirmation in Volume 3 of The Chronicles, the longest of the short-story series.

Two years after meeting Lady Catherine Hutton and after fleeing Moscow to London, Dmitry has found the secret weapon to securing riches beyond his wildest dreams through a false marriage with British royalty.

Their quid pro quo arrangement was supposed to be a short-lived farce designed to give Lady Hutton one last thrilling sexual escapade before she met her untimely demise. However, in the process of teaching Dmitry how to be a real gentleman and making Catherine feel like a young woman again, the curious couple accidentally develops deep feelings for each other.

When Catherine realizes that Dmitry is in it for more than just the money, she leaves him a gift that rocks the foundations of the Medlov Crime Family – her entire estate worth over one billion pounds.

Dmitry’s new fortune, however, comes with a high price. The board of directors of the company he now owns wants him dead; one of the Vory elite “gifts” him the daughter of an Angolan war lord, and his brother, Ivan, falls for a woman who is as much of a sociopath as he is. There is also the matter of the media who declares him London’s most eligible bachelor.

While trying to steer away from the attention he’s getting country-wide with his new fortune, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful African scholar, Elsa, a student at Oxford who might just be able to help him stay in control of his multi-national corporation and remember what it’s like to actually “like a girl.” Passion strikes when the two are forced to live together while she reorganizes his business, but Dmitry wants more than sex from Elsa. He wants her home-country contacts.

Read the eleven-chapter, page-turning novelette that tops its two predecessors (Volume 1 & 2) with more action, romance, sex, murder and mafia.

  1. […] You asked for it, and you got it.  To continue our awesome discussions on the Young Dmitry Medlov and all of its volumes, this blog has been created.  Hopefully, we can answer all the questions that you have about your favorite characters: Dmitry, Ivan and Davyd.  And you can get to know the back story on Arie aka Ari and Dorian. However, as we move forward, you’ll also get to know a host of other entertaining characters including Elsa, Boss Smir … Read More […]

  2. Dani says:

    I love these stories and can’t wait to read v#4. I suspect that Boss Smirnov is related to Dmitry in some way….or maybe Ivan? I know they have different fathers, but would love to learn more about where they come from. We know about their mother, but what about their fathers?


  3. Ebony says:

    Love the layout- this is a much needed addition to the blogs.

  4. Blkwidow says:

    I’m confused as to Dorian’s parentage since in Dimitry’s Closet you stated that his father was African and Mom from Sochi. In YD vol3 his father was Ukranian and mother African.

  5. Cinquetta says:

    I like this. I love to read anything about my man of coarse I am talking about Dmitry. If I had three wishes…mhmmm. The things I could do??? I love Dmitry character. He is loving, cold-heart, alpha take charge, sexy, killer, loyal, smart, and he is tall. I mean tall…7′ of prime sexy man. I would like to know how and why Dorian and Aria became meceranies. Why is going to happen to Elsa? Did she stay president of the company. How long did they stay lover?

  6. Kelly M says:

    I just love The Chronicles… I would like to see Dmitry and Ivan actually sticking up for one another…they are always at each others throats..haha..I know Ivan is a nutcase but it has to be atleast one die-hard loving moment between Dmitry is my main man but I like Ivan too…guess it’s the bad gurl in me 🙂 My favorite part in vol.3 is after Dmitry’s wife passed and Ivan came to the house and seen Dmitry still in his PJ’s…”you really taking this Sh*t to whole new level, aren’t you” LMBAO…I love Ivan too…smh

    waiting for vol.4 Trivi.. =)

    • Ms. Kelly,

      I can tell you that you’re going to love Volume 4. As always, I listen to you guys before I write the books. And I’ve heard that everyone wants to see a little brotherly love. Well, this will be one of the few times that you’ll see Ivan show that he has a heart. Enjoy your boy while you can!


  7. I would like too know when the next books from 4-12 coming out

  8. Pamela says:

    Is volume 4 out and if so where can I purchase it?

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